SO Blonde Conditioner 300ML

$24.95 Inc GST

Brightens, tones and hydrates blonde, grey and highlighted hair. WHO IT BENEFITS blonde, grey and highlighted hair PRODUCT BENEFITS Brightens and tones and highlights Strengthens and restructures Hydrates and nourishes Improves shine and hair health Sulphate and Paraben free KERA-CYSTEINE Kera -Cysteine is the next generation of high performance keratin, designed by the leading chemists of Salon Only. It works on a multi-dimensional level to penetrate into the hair cuticle and all areas of the hair cortex, treating and restructuring stressed and damaged hair, repairing and restoring hair smoothness, health and shine. AUSTRALIAN NATIVE EXTRACT Wattleseed: Rich in fibre, protein and natural oil. Cleanses and clarifies. Anti-inflammatory. High level of amino acids and anti-aging properties. Desert Lime: Rich in Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that rejuvenates and revitalises.

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